Where Is the ‘First Wives Club’ Sequel We Actually Want?

On Wednesday, Deadline reported that Susan Sarandon, Bette Midler, and Megan Mullally are teaming up for a buddy comedy referred to as The Fabulous Four. Unfortunately, it is not going to be the tragically overdue sequel to The First Wives Club, which is the place our minds routinely go at any time when we see Midler’s identify in a headline. Nor is it a follow-up to Thelma & Louise, although we acknowledge that any hopes for that sequel are futile for, um, apparent causes.

Directed by Jocelyn Moorhouse (The Dressmaker), The Fabulous Four can be about a gaggle of longtime buddies from faculty performed by Sarandon, Mullally and Midler. Sarandon and Mullally’s characters journey to Florida collectively to be bridesmaids of their pal Marilyn’s (Midler) shock marriage ceremony, the place they reminisce and rekindle bonds from their previous. Viewers can most likely additionally count on a heavy dose of hijinks, a phrase that’s only ever used to explain movies precisely like this one.

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The very first thing that stands out about this beautiful generic (however nonetheless thrilling! Bette Midler makes every little thing thrilling!) description of a feel-good comedy is the title. Calling a movie about three greatest buddies The Fabulous Four–to not be confused with Queer Eye’s Fab Five–is a complicated transfer, until in fact there’s a yet-to-be-revealed fourth member of the crew…

…Which means it’s not too late to show this right into a First Wives Club reunion in any case! What are Goldie Hawn and Diane Keaton as much as today? We’d even take Stockard Channing, who was frankly under-utilized in the 1996 comedy. Should none of those gifted women be accessible, enable us to recommend Jean Smart or Catherine O’Hara for the a part of the fabulous fourth.

With a script penned by Moorhouse, Jenna Milly, and Ann Marie Allison, The Fabulous Four is about to start filming in Key West in September. In the meantime, somebody get Goldie Hawn’s agent on the cellphone, stat.

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