Russian Troops Are Now Deliberately Wounding Themselves to Get Out of Putin’s War

Nearly 90 days into Vladimir Putin’s “particular army operation” in Ukraine, Russian troops have apparently turn out to be so demoralized and determined to give up they’ve begun intentionally injuring themselves.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s Main Intelligence Directorate on Saturday released audio of what it mentioned was an intercepted name revealing the batshit new pattern.

A person recognized as a Russian soldier in an air assault brigade based mostly in Ukraine’s Kherson area could be heard venting his frustrations to his mom and explaining why he desires to abandon the struggle.

“Why would they [the Ukrainians] give up? We’re on their land,” the soldier tells his mom. “This gained’t finish anytime quickly. What the hell do I would like this for? At 20 years outdated… I’m in no way enthusiastic about Ukraine. I would like to come again and resign,” he says.

His astonished mom asks why there aren’t any Russian troops in Ukraine decided to proceed the struggle for the sake of “patriotism,” however the soldier, Nikita, simply scoffs.

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“I had a commander… who shot himself within the leg simply to get out of right here. And that was within the very starting! What is there to speak about? He served in Chechnya.”

His shocked mom goes on to argue that somebody should “defend Russia” to cease the West from attacking, echoing the Kremlin narrative dominant on Russia’s state-controlled news that Putin’s struggle was launched to cease an imminent NATO assault.

“They will simply kill us all, it’ll be World War Four and Russia will lose!” she declares.

“Well, then Putin will possibly change his thoughts… There aren’t any folks, there’s no ammunition,” he mentioned, including that his personal commander had despatched letters making an attempt to get his brigade pulled out, to no avail.

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He mentioned lower than 50 p.c of his brigade was left.

“Our persons are simply disappearing on their very own. Some of them vanished without a hint, some had been taken prisoner, some are hiding, some are already in Russia,” he mentioned.

The tapped telephone chat was not the only one to counsel Russian troops are taking determined measures to escape the struggle. In an identical recording released by Ukrainian intelligence Friday, a lady recognized because the spouse of a Russian soldier urges him to “fall off a tank.”

“There’s no means out,” she says. “Otherwise you’ll be there till September… They won’t swap you out, as a result of everyone seems to be refusing.”

“Well, clearly, what sort of silly fuck would come right here?” he says.

His spouse argues a “fall from a tank” is only one possibility. “You simply don’t want to shoot your self within the leg, as a result of who the fuck is aware of how that might finish. Or let somebody whack you in your facet,” she says, in order that his kidneys would get injured. “I don’t fucking know! Because you’d have the option to go dwelling straight from the hospital.”

The purported soldier seems to significantly think about the proposal as he recollects how he and about 300 different troops took management of a village two days earlier, when he says a “fucker of a battalion commander” ordered all the lads to toss grenades into the basements of native properties, without checking who was inside first.

“It’s good that they didn’t fucking toss the grenades, as a result of when the blokes went in there have been 4 little youngsters sitting there.”

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