Observatory records meteor fall in Porto Alegre

This kind of area fragment is characterised by an intense glow and its pure extinction without touching the bottom.

Matheus Moreira

Three seconds. That was the time it took for a meteor to seem in the sky over Porto Alegre and disintegrate at about 40 km altitude on Tuesday evening (5).

The document was made at 8:47 pm by the Heller & Jung Space Observatory, created in 2016 by researcher Carlos Jung, who coordinates the manufacturing engineering course at Faccat (Faculdades Integradas de Taquara), in Rio Grande do Sul.

The meteor was of the “fireball” kind. This kind of area fragment is characterised by an intense glow and its pure extinction without touching the bottom, not like one other very related kind, the bolide, which explodes on the finish.

To decide which kind of meteor, or capturing star, as it’s also recognized, the obvious magnitude is measured, that’s, the brightness of the article as we see it from Earth.

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For a meteor to be thought-about a fireball or bolide, it should have an obvious magnitude equal to or better than -4. In this case, the meteor recorded by Jung was -7.

When it involves measuring the obvious magnitude, the brighter the brightness, the decrease the worth. For comparability, the solar has an obvious magnitude of -27 and the complete moon of -13.


Jung doesn’t reside by astronomy. His career has nothing to do with the observatory, which is open to the general public. “I do it for leisure and to attempt to present kids and adolescents the significance of science. My space is totally different, I obtain colleges [no observatório] and I feel this contact with science is essential, particularly in elementary and highschool.”

The researcher says he shares all the information recorded by the observatory with researchers and different events. It is feasible, for instance, to comply with the observatory’s cameras in actual time, in addition to local weather measurements which can be additionally made by Heller & Jung.

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