Lula and Dilma meet in the midst of discussions about the former president’s role in the election

The assembly takes place after controversies involving the title of the former president. She was not invited to the dinner between Lula and the former governor of São Paulo

Tayguara Ribeiro and Fabio Zanini
Brasilia DF

Former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva posted this Thursday (13) a photograph of his first assembly of the yr with former PT president Dilma Rousseff.

The assembly takes place after controversies involving the title of the former president. She was not invited to the dinner between Lula and the former governor of São Paulo Geraldo Alckmin. In addition, behind the scenes of the social gathering, there may be dialogue about Dilma’s role throughout this yr’s presidential marketing campaign.

“First assembly of the yr with my pricey @dilmabr,” Lula wrote on Twitter.

In December, Dilma was not invited to a dinner promoted by the legal group Prerogativas that sealed the rapprochement between Lula and Alckmin (ex-PSDB), doable allies on a presidential ticket. Event organizers denied a veto and attributed her absence to a mismatch when sending the invitation.

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She claims that she was not invited to the occasion – and her interlocutors circulated the model that Dilma believes she has turn out to be a political downside for Lula.

People near the former president say that she is in opposition to the alliance with Alckmin, though she doesn’t publicly manifest herself in this regard out of respect for Lula.


Since then, the social gathering has been attempting to defuse the state of affairs. On Tuesday (4), Dilma obtained a observe of solidarity from the Perseu Abramo Foundation, of which she is honorary president. “The coup in opposition to Dilma was a coup in opposition to democracy, in opposition to all of us”, says the textual content of the entity, linked to the PT.

On Thursday (6), the former president was the protagonist of a brief video posted by the social gathering, in which she declaims an excerpt from “The Gospel According to Jesus Christ”, by Portuguese José Saramago. She is named “the final authentic Brazilian president”.

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The pats on the ex-president happen days after some public snubs he obtained.

One of the social gathering’s vice-presidents, Washington Quaquá, lately mentioned that Dilma now not had electoral relevance, which generated a motion to comprise damages on the half of the social gathering’s management.


“Dilma has made an necessary contribution to the basis, particularly in editorial manufacturing. As an individual, she could be very pricey to everybody, and we expect you will need to categorical our opinion about her significance in this historic second”, says Carlos Henrique Arabo, director of the Perseu Abramo Foundation and one of the authors of the solidarity observe.

In addition to the gestures of private reparation to the former president, the PT discusses which prominence to offer her in the upcoming presidential marketing campaign.

The Dilma authorities, which has skilled one of the greatest recessions in Brazil’s historical past, is predicted to be one of the subjects talked about by Lula’s opponents in the marketing campaign, together with the corruption allegations in opposition to the former president.

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Party leaders consider that will probably be unavoidable to defend Dilma and her authorities. Hiding it isn’t one thing thought of, as a result of it may very well be a shot in the foot, one thing that would definitely be exploited by opponents as a sort of “confession of guilt”.


One of the potentialities is to take benefit of the former president’s picture overseas, the place the speech, promoted by the PT, that she suffered a coup gained broad acceptance in sectors of the left.

Dilma is a member of the Puebla Group, a company that brings collectively Latin American leaders and former heads of state. The former president may talk with overseas events and governments and give interviews to the worldwide media, for instance.


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