How to drink bourbon the right approach, according to an expert

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Bourbon is one in every of the finest spirits that deserves to be loved, appreciated, and dealt with with care. You ought to drink it like you already know what you might be doing.

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Neat or on the rocks. Those had been phrases I used to hear individuals discuss about, not realizing what they meant. It wasn’t till I had my first sip of whiskey, that’s once I realised how vital these phrases are when it comes to such drinks. If you have an interest in making an attempt bourbon however aren’t positive the place to begin, fear not.

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At its most simple, studying how to drink bourbon takes somewhat little bit of curiosity and a way of journey. Below, South Africa Super Premium ambassador for Woodford Reserve Rowan Gibb supplies a easy information on how to drink it.

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Know the ‘musts’

There are sure ‘musts’ and fundamentals when it comes to bourbon that you simply want to perceive, and it would take a while and apply to construct your palate to respect the refined nuances of bourbon. But getting the fundamentals right offers you a multi-sensory expertise. At its most simple, all bourbon is whiskey, however not all whiskey is bourbon.

Firstly, for whiskey to name itself bourbon, its mash invoice (the mixture of grains) should comprise no less than 51% corn, the relaxation is product of malted barley, rye, or wheat, and there aren’t any components like flavouring or colouring allowed, simply pure water.

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Next is the location – that is every part. For a whiskey to be known as a bourbon, by legislation, it should be produced in the US and it should be aged in brand-new, charred white oak barrels, and matured for greater than two years.

Did you already know that 95% of all bourbon is made in Kentucky? The purpose for that is that the space is wealthy in limestone, which is used and wanted to filter the water, for the highest high quality bourbon.

Keep your alternative uncomplicated

Start with a straight bourbon whiskey, like a Woodford Reserve Distiller’s Select. Because it is a caramel ahead bourbon, it picks up extra candy flavour from the charred oak, which I consider is a superb introduction to bourbon and doesn’t break the financial institution.

The drink

Now on to how to drink it. With any spirit, there’s an alternative to drink it any approach you want, and ingesting bourbon isn’t any exception. But to get the most out of the alluring liquid and to let the spirit’s pure traits shine, it is best to serve it neat (with no water or ice in any respect) in any other case often called straight – this may also be shaken or stirred with ice after which strained.

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Exploring the flavour

If you actually need to style the bourbon and discover the flavour, you want to use the right glass. The finest approach to carry out the richness of aromas and flavours is a tulip-shaped glass or whiskey tumbler.

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The mixed type and performance of the glass is to ship the final style expertise. In reality, any easy glass with a large brim is right to “nostril” the bourbon. When you style it, do it slowly.

First, waft it gently underneath your nostril after which sip just a bit and let it roll round your mouth, over your tongue and smack your lips, that is also called the “Kentucky Chew”. As you swallow, the bourbon will heat you up because it goes down – that is known as the “Kentucky Hug”.

On the rocks vs over ice

If you’re ingesting your bourbon “on the rocks” or over ice, attempt including bigger cubes or ice spheres that may soften slower, as an alternative of watering it down – which can adulterate a few of the flavour. Over ice is usually a refreshing approach to drink it, particularly when you’re new to bourbon.

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Some individuals consider that including small quantities of water releases a few of the flavours, that’s price remembering that when you do add water to your bourbon, it’ll dilute the spirit and soften the punch of the alcohol, however including a small sprint of water will keep away from diluting an excessive amount of of the flavour.


Then there’s mixing. If you’ve had a cocktail made by a mixologist, the chances are high you have loved bourbon in that cocktail. Some of the hottest bourbon cocktails are an old school, mint julep or a Boulevardier, and bourbon is a superb base for a cocktail, as the flavour is so numerous.

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It doesn’t have to be costly

Lastly, keep in mind that you don’t have to drink the rarest or costliest bourbons to get pleasure from it, and also you don’t even have to drink it some other approach than your personal. Your willingness to attempt it and your appreciation of the undeniable fact that behind each bottle is years of expertise and crafting, already makes you an fanatic.

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