How Mary Peck Butterworth Became the Queen of Counterfeiting

Mary Peck Butterworth didn’t want the money.

She was born right into a outstanding Rehoboth, MA, household and married at the age of 25 to a well-respected builder, or “homewright” as the career was then referred to as, a person who additionally owned his personal tract of land. As the Newport Daily News put it in 1967, Mary had a “‘respectable’ starting and was associated to most of the main residents of southern Massachusetts and Rhode Island.”

So it was not greed that led Mary to start out one of the largest counterfeiting rings in New England in 1716. Rather, she was an ingenious lady who noticed a possibility to make enhancements in a area of business. The counterfeiters of her day have been doing all of it mistaken and she or he had an idea of the way to repair it. Who may resist the pull?

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