Christina Ricci’s Husband Chose Their Baby’s Name Without Telling Her

“I simply thought [her full name] could be Cleo,” she mentioned, earlier than she jokingly added, “I used to be like, ‘properly, we’ll determine this out later,’ however he figured it out whereas I used to be recovering.” 

The Addams Family actress additionally shared how her 7-year-old son Freddie Heerdegen—who she shares with ex James Heerdegen—has reacted to turning into an older brother.  

“He’s nice, he loves being a giant brother a lot. He kisses her on a regular basis,” she mentioned. “He doesn’t like the shortage of sleep and chaos that is occurring in the home, however, you know, he is being excellent.” 

And maybe will observe in mother’s footsteps. “He desires to be an actor, however I’ve advised him that he ought to spend all this time honing his craft,” Christina, who kicked off her profession at age 7, shared, “so then when he is 18 or 23 or no matter, he is already spent all of his time getting actually good.”  

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