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Bolsonarista senator becomes a target of the PF in an inquiry into the deviation of amendments

Roberto Rocha said that he’s unaware of the investigation and that he was definitely not wished by the police, on account of his non-involvement. Marcelo RochaBrasilia DF When ordering to

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‘Vai catar o que fazer’, responde Anitta a Bolsonaro antes de bloqueá-lo no Twitter

“I instantly put a block on his admins (directors) to not be utilizing my social networks to achieve buzz (repercussion) on the web” Anitta bloqueou o presidente Jair Bolsonaro (PL)

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High prices put pressure on the costs of road and rail concessionaires

What threatens these businesses is the excessive and persistent degree of prices of inputs, reminiscent of asphalt and cement, utilized in the initiatives Public transport service concessions, reminiscent of highways

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