Cancer patients are twice as likely to commit suicide

Article produced by a psychologist from the Federal District explores elements related to psychiatric problems in most cancers patients

Cancer patients are virtually twice as likely to die by suicide. The discovering is in an article printed this week within the journal Nature Medicine, probably the most revered journals in drugs worldwide.

“Factors such as, for instance, a worse prognosis, superior illness and the primary yr after prognosis are of appreciable threat and are instantly linked to the potential of suicide”, highlighted the psychologist on the Brasília Cancer Center (Cettro), Cristiane Bergerot, writer of the Publication.

The survey was carried out in partnership with famend oncologist Sumanta Pal, from City of Hope, California (USA), and discusses two research that explored elements related to psychiatric problems and suicide makes an attempt in two massive samples of most cancers patients. In one in every of them, the pattern consisted of 459,542 most cancers patients. In the opposite, there have been 46,952,813 patients with the illness.

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“People with some kinds of cancers, such as testicular tumors, are extra likely to have a psychiatric dysfunction,” mentioned the specialist. “Patients present process a number of therapies (surgical procedure + radiotherapy + chemotherapy) additionally confirmed this propensity”, added Cristiane Bergerot.

According to her, the research goals to emphasize the big significance of steady psychological follow-up to implement a program to assess emotional signs and enhance psycho-oncological assist, so as to determine any psychiatric dysfunction early and cut back its penalties, such as suicide.

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