Aras asks the STF to go back and file an inquiry into Bolsonaro in the Covaxin case

If she doesn’t make this reconsideration, Aras requests that the request be taken to the plenary of the Supreme, for evaluation by the 11 ministers.

José Marques
Brasilia DF

The Attorney General of the Republic, Augusto Aras, requested this Monday (4th) that the Minister of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) Rosa Weber rethink the choice that denied the shelving of an investigation towards President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) in the case of the Indian Covaxin vaccine buy course of.

If she doesn’t make this reconsideration, Aras requests that the request be taken to the plenary of the Supreme Court, for evaluation by the 11 ministers of the court docket.

According to the PGR, the minister’s choice “seems to have abdicated its neutral and equidistant position to assert its understanding of the content material of the opinio delicti [opinião a respeito de delito] of the Attorney General’s Office” and distanced itself “from the legitimacy of the Judiciary in the Brazilian democratic design”.

In this inquiry, the president is investigated on suspicion of malfeasance. The Covaxin case turned the middle of the Covid CPI in the Senate, ignited protests for the impeachment of the president and uncovered a sequence of contradictions in the Bolsonarista discourse on vaccines and the combat towards corruption.

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The PGR had adopted the understanding of the Federal Police, which, on January 31, stated that no crime was recognized, as a result of there was no practical responsibility of the President of the Republic to “talk any irregularities of which he turned conscious” to the investigative physique.

According to delegate William Tito Schuman Marinho, “legally, it’s not a practical responsibility (learn: legal), arising from the rule of competence of the place, the follow of an official act of communication of irregularities by the President of the Republic”. Aras agreed with the PF’s thesis.


At the finish of March, Rosa Weber disagreed with Aras and stated that “it’s completely doable to extract, from the legal and constitutional order itself, administrative competence certain to be exercised by the head of presidency”.

“Although the prime administration of the administration does in reality contain, as the Attorney General’s Office defends, quite a few discretionary selections, there isn’t any room for inertia or the freedom to ‘not act’ when the train of management of the legality of administrative acts -or, extra particularly, the power-duty to annul acts opposite to the legal system- and the disciplinary energy in the face of practical deviations”, he stated.

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“By being straight notified about the follow of practical crimes (accomplished or in progress) in the dependencies of the direct federal administration, the President of the Republic doesn’t have the prerogative of inertia nor the proper to lethargy”, added Rosa.

So, it denied the request for the investigation to be closed. It will not be customary for a minister of the Supreme Court not to file an inquiry after a request from the Attorney General of the Republic.


In the enchantment connected to the course of this Monday, Aras says that precedents point out that the submitting made by the Attorney General of the Republic is irrefutable.

“We maintain a mechanism that limits punitive jurisdictional energy, granting the Public Prosecutor’s Office the optimistic or, in this case, destructive preamble judgment of investigated conduct, in order to take away the choose from undue interference in a pre-procedural section able to compromising the its important impartiality and equidistance, innate values ​​of civilized societies”, states Aras in his request.

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“Therefore, it ought to be famous that the current submitting by the head of the Public Prosecutor’s Office will not be a matter of triggering the Judiciary to situation the closing judgment, however solely to train management, ontologically, administrative and publicization of the formulated destructive opinion that’s unmentionable by the Judiciary.”

The suspicion of malfeasance was attributed to the Chief Executive by deputy Luis Miranda (União Brasil-DF) and his brother, civil servant Luis Ricardo Miranda.


In testimony, the deputy claimed to have alerted the president about alleged irregularities in the buy of Covaxin, negotiated with the intermediation of Precise Medicamentos.

The assembly, in accordance to the congressman, would have taken place on March 20. The dialog with the president was face-to-face. According to Miranda’s account, Bolsonaro would have linked the authorities chief, deputy Ricardo Barros (PP-PR), to the alleged irregularities.

Luis Ricardo, who was head of Health’s import division, reported to the Federal Public Ministry that he had been below uncommon stress to signal the contract for the buy of the vaccine. This assertion was revealed by Folha.



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