Anvisa confirms third case of ‘superfungus’ Candida auris in the country

Known as a “superfungus,” it’s drug-resistant and, in response to the company, is taken into account a severe risk to public well being.

Anvisa (National Health Surveillance Age infoncy) confirmed this Wednesday (12) the third outbreak of Candida auris in a public hospital in Recife. The species was detected in the urine of one affected person.

Known as a “superfungus,” it’s drug-resistant and, in response to the company, is taken into account a severe risk to public well being. C. auris an infection will be deadly, particularly for immunocompromised sufferers or these with comorbidities. The first two instances have been confirmed in Salvador in 2020.

The company additionally warned that there’s one other suspected case below laboratory investigation, in a affected person from the similar hospital.
According to Anvisa, since the suspect was recognized, a nationwide job power, composed of a number of our bodies, was activated to observe and management the outbreak. The establishment requested the microbiology laboratories to accentuate surveillance and, in the face of a suspected or confirmed case, notify the well being service and activate one of the Lacens (Central Public Health Laboratory).

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A examine revealed in 2021 means that the hospital chaos created by the Covid-19 pandemic might have created the preferrred situations for the proliferation of Candida auris.

Arnaldo Colombo, coordinator of the Special Laboratory of Mycology at the Federal University of São Paulo (Unifesp) and chief of the analysis, explains that fungi of the Candida genus (with the exception of C. auris) are half of the human intestinal microbiota and normally solely trigger issues when there’s an imbalance in the physique. The most typical is the look of superficial infections in the mucosa of the vagina (candidiasis) or mouth (thrush), normally related to the C. albica species.

In some instances, nevertheless, the fungus invades the bloodstream and triggers a systemic an infection – often called candidemia – much like bacterial sepsis. The invasion of the bloodstream and the exaggerated response of the immune system to the pathogen could cause injury to numerous organs and even result in loss of life. Scientific proof signifies that when candidemia happens in sufferers contaminated with C. auris, as much as 60% don’t survive.

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“This species rapidly turns into proof against a number of medicine, being little delicate to disinfectant merchandise used in medical facilities. In this manner, it manages to persist in the hospital atmosphere, the place it colonizes well being professionals and, later, vital sufferers who want extended hospitalization, comparable to these with extreme varieties of Covid-19”, says Colombo.


Several elements make sufferers contaminated with Sars-CoV-2 preferrred targets for C. auris, together with extended hospitalization, use of urinary catheters and catheters for central venous entry (a gateway to the bloodstream), corticosteroids ( that suppress the immune response) and antibiotics.

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