7 body language signs men do while flirting


Every lady is making an attempt to “learn” men’s flirting indicators. And it’s not so arduous as you assume.

If you actually need to know that he’s into you or not and what he could also be considering— then learn this!

(*7*)1. His Eyes

Yes, his eyes can inform you numerous. If it’s your first or second date, he’ll look away while you’ll have a look at him. It’s an indication that he likes you. If you recognize one another longer – he’ll look deeply into your eyes throughout dialog. It means he has fallen for you. Eyes are the doorways to your soul.

(*7*)2. His Posture

If you need to know whether or not he likes you or not, you could take note of the small print. Be cautious, if he places his fingers on his hips, he doesn’t have a robust curiosity. He’s simply displaying he’s a macho man. If a person spreads his legs apart- it’s a great signal. It additionally reveals that he’s not tense and uptight however relaxed and receptive to you.

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(*7*)3. His Lips

If a person likes a lady, he turns into nervous. His mouth will get dry and a man begins to lick his lips. Every time you see this, you’ll know that he likes you. Pay consideration to flirty smiles. Guys all the time smile at a lady they like.

(*7*)4. His Eyebrows

Of course, if a man likes you, he can cover his eyes while you’re close to. But check out his eyebrows – if he’s into you, a person will elevate his eyebrows while he’s speaking with you. This signal is named the eyebrow flash.

(*7*)5. His Head

Sounds humorous? But it’s true! If a man tilts his head to the facet, he certainly likes you. It signifies that a person provides all his consideration to you. He needs to take heed to you and it’s a great signal that you’re the favourite woman in his life.

(*7*)6. His Touch

If a man likes you, he needs to draw your consideration utilizing each manner he can. One of those signs – a person simply touches a lady in a delicate manner ‘by accident’ and it’s a great motive to start out a dialog with you. These harmless touches can result in extra critical issues if you would like them too. Why not contact him again to point out him how you are feeling?

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(*7*)7. His Actions

So, if a man is actually concerned with you, you’ll discover these signs. He may be barely nervous and a person will regularly contact his face, play together with his cellphone or a pen or jingle the change in pocket and so on. You’ve seen the indicators – now so that you can act based mostly in your feminine instincts. Is this Mr. Right or a pretender? The subsequent transfer is yours!


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